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Stick Incense >> 8inch Tibetan Incense 75g
Gesar 8"stick 75g pack

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Product Introduction

Gesar (Good Fortune and Victory) ~ to protect our good luck and victory, enhance our good fortune

The outstanding quality of Gesar, the warrior King of Tibet, was his ability to overcome all obstacles against his success. By burning Gesar incense, we become more positive and less lethargic, and transform our problems into positive circumstances and protection of our accumulated merit. The scent of Gesar (Good Fortune and Victory) is one of victory and success

For the creation of this special incense, a “mother” blend of sacred substances is gathered and rolled into small blessing pills called “mendrup”. These sacred pills, blessed by many realized Tibetan masters, are combined with other rare herbal, medicinal, and precious mineral ingredients to produce high quality Tibetan incense that carries many profound blessing.

Attribute : 8"stick
Size : 75g

Store in a cool dry place.
Expiration : No expiration date.

Instructions: Light the tip of the incense stick and gently blow out the flame. Place the incense stick horizontally or vertically in a heat-resistant holder or burner. When using horizontal incense burners, it is best to line the bottom of the burner with a layer of sand or raw rice.

Caution: To avoid fire hazard, use a nonflam-mable incense burner and place it on safe and sturdy platform. Avoid placing flammable products such as wood, cloth etc. near the incense coil. Do not leave unattended.

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