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Social Responsibility

Zambala Inc.'s Eight Principles

  1. Spread the teachings of the Buddha also known as dharma.
  2. Practice & promote Love and Compassion for all sentient beings.
  3. Preserve the traditional Tibetan culture and value.
  4. Promote harmony between all races.
  5. Preach the tolerance and acceptance of people from all walks of life.
  6. Protect & purify our environment.
  7. Promote & advocate world peace.
  8. Embrace religions around the world.
For the aforesaid 8 main principles, Zambala donates a portion of its proceeds to different groups and organizations to sponsor their activities. Below are few of them:-
  • Golden Temple of the H.H. Penor Rinpoche,Bylakuppe ,India
  • Bharam Kagyu Monastery in Dromo ,Tibet
  • Bharam Kagyu Monastery in Gangtok ,Sikkim
  • Tibetan Sarjor Association , Taiwan
  • Donation for Planting Trees in Shigatze area ,Tibet
  • Tibet Religious Foundation of the H.H.the Dalai Lama ,Taiwan
  • Monastery of Mustang Community of Kathmandu ,Nepal
  • The Won Se Sho Buddha Dharma Center of Shakya Rinpoche,Taiwan
  • Nagri Dharchen Association ,Taiwan
  • Dakpa Association of Dripong Loseling in Mongod ,India.\
  • Sakya Monastery in Bylakuppe
  • Tehor Association of Sarajay in Bylakuppe
  • The Foundation Voice of Tibet
  • Printing Introduction book of Darma Tulku
  • Monastery of Mingur Rinpoche ,Taiwan
  • Chushi Gangdrug Association ,Taiwan for Promotion of Tibetan Culture
  • Monastery in Bylakuppe 3rd camp Arlikuma
  • Printing Sutras of Bharam Kagyu lineage by Paljor Lama ,Taiwan
We hope that people who share the same ideology will join us to make the world a more peaceful and wonderful place. The little help you bring on these projects will make the biggest difference in the world. May we all see each other in the Buddha’s realm in the near future!