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Coil Incense >> 4hrs Tibetan Incense
Vajrakilaya 4hrs.coil incense
In Tibet, since the beginning of human evolution the tradition of using incense has existed in various forms and has benefited sentient beings. Buddhism flourished to a great extent in the 7th century AD under the reign of successive religious kings of Tibet, along with the preservation and development of making incense based on the secret tantric text by the great Indian buddhist scholar Nagarjuna. Various formulas for making incense were developed by the great scholar of Tibetan medicine. This incense contains countless precious and rare fragrant medicinal plants, the precious nectars of the four tradition of Tibetan Buddhism ,and other blessed materials. This has been made according to the instructions in the scriptures and especially blessed with grand offering puja of Green Tara. When offering by burning,we will receive the protection from Green Tara. Incense is an indispensable aid in meditation practice as it purifies the air, calms the mind and centers the energy.

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Product Introduction

Vajrakilaya (Protection) ~ to purify and protect against negative influences

Vajrakilaya purifies any space, calm the mind and center your energy. It is a very powerful protector capable of removing obstacles and clearing negative energy. It cleanses an environment completely and minimizes difficult situations. Vajrakilaya provides protection from harmful or destructive forces and encourages inner peace and compassion. The scent of Vajrakilaya (Protection) is the early morning dew touching the aromatic woods by the Himalayan mountain lakeside.

For the creation of this special incense a “mother” blend of sacred substances is gathered and rolled into small blessing pills called “mendrup”. These sacred pills, blessed by many realized Tibetan masters, are combined with other rare herbal, medicinal, and precious mineral ingredients to produce high quality Tibetan incense that carries many profound blessings.

Attribute : 48coils
Size : 4hour

Store in a cool dry place.
Expiration : No expiration date.

Caution: To avoid fire hazard, use a nonflam-mable incense burner and place it on safe and sturdy platform. Avoid placing flammable products such as wood, cloth etc. near the incense coil. Do not leave unattended.

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