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Powder Incense >> 500~600g
Purifying Incense powder

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Product Introduction

Size : 600gm

Obstacle-removing powder in Tibetan Buddhism has many uses and meanings:


1. **Purify the environment and eliminate odors**: The aroma of obstacle removal powder is often used to purify the environment and eliminate odors. It can purify the space, calm the body and mind, have a good sleep and other relaxing effects.


2. **Remove evil spirits and remove impurities**: Obstacle-removing fragrant powder is useful for removing evil spirits, removing impurities, etc., eliminating karma, turbidity, etc., removing internal and external obstacles, or removing internal and external obstacles at the same time, and stabilizing meditation and meditation. The state of mind and manifesting the wisdom of Prajna are also quite helpful.


3. **Meditation Meditation**: The Obstruction Removing Fragrance Powder itself has the effect of purifying the magnetic field and calming the mind. For meditation and meditation that require sufficient concentration and a good spatial magnetic field, the fragrance of the Obstacle Removing Fragrance Powder can be used as an auxiliary. Helps remove internal and external obstacles and greatly improves the effectiveness of meditation and meditation.


4. **Reading and working**: Obstacle removal powder can remove internal and external obstacles when studying, working or when you need to be clear-headed, helping to greatly increase concentration and achieve better results.


5. **When you feel irritable**: Obstacle removal powder can help get rid of cataracts. When your physical and mental state is poor, your mood is irritable, and your anger is high, it can help stabilize negative emotions and return to calm¹.


Obstacle-removing incense powder should be used with the mentality of "the heart is free from chaos, there is no fear, and it is far away from upside-down dreams" as stated in the Heart Sutra. This will allow you to use the obstacle-removing incense powder with more respect and correctness.

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