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Why choose our incense?

The purpose of offering burning incense is to cleanse sentient beings of all defilements. When making an incense offering to sentient beings of the six realms all their obscurations are purified and they will attain liberation from suffering. The aroma from the incense invokes all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Protectors to bless us and to remove all obscurations to attaining Buddhahood.

Zambala incense is made from organic medicinal plants and rare minerals from the Himalayas. Formulated according to Tibetan scriptures, our incense contains the precious nectar obtained from Tibetan masters representing the four traditions of Buddhism. A special puja ceremony is performed by the four sects to bless the nectar over a 49 day period. This blessing empowers the nectar with the essences of all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Protectors.

In Tibetan Buddhism making an incense offering is very auspicious before starting a new venture or activity. It eliminates harmful influences and brings us good fortune, better health, longevity, wisdom and compassion.

Choose Zambala’s pure and natural Himalayan incense to purify your environment, calm your mind and harmonize your energy. Magically transform your life, home, office or sacred space with Zambala’s natural herbal incense.

Our incense is produced under strict quality control in Taiwan. Verified and tested by third party (Swiss-SGS) for

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Product Introduction

The five forms of Zambala have vowed before the Buddha to liberate all sentient beings and protect the dharma. Zambala is the Buddha of wealth and prosperity, providing freedom from the suffering of poverty so that one can focus on the path of spirituality rather than a materialistic focus. If we have obstacles to prosperity making an offering with a sincere heart and without selfishness, thinking that all sentient beings can have wealth, and even what you receive you will share freely. One then accumulates the causes for happiness, obtains good fortune, receives uncountable benefits. Zambala also can transform obstacles and failures into success very quickly.

As a result of merits accumulated by way of offering fragrant incense out of pure faith and devotion to the three principle jewels and an ocean of buddhas, one's sicknesses caused by disturbed elements and evil spirits would be pacified, and one's lifespan, merits realization and wealth would be increased. Also, the merits will facilitate fulfillment of one's wishes and free from harms and obstacles caused by humans and other beings. Being freed from all such harms one would be able to keep pure ethics and vows and generate precious Bodhicitta in one's mind. Through these one will accomplish the two types of accumulation and purify the two types of mental obscuration and attain the omniscient state of enlightenment. Such are the benefits of fragrant incense.


Attribute : 12coils
Size : 4hour

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